Sunday, May 10, 2009

Su Madre es su madre

My training is no panzy pilates, yoga or some dumpy aerobics class. It's difficult, you sweat, you get sore, your heart will feel like it's beating through your chest. Some may even call it Brutal. Most people couldn't handle this, same reason they're stuck looking and feeling as terrible as they always have. Gimicks are gimicks, this is old fashion grip it and rip it grunt work (with proper technique of course). 

This type of training gives tremendous health and corrective benefits but it also gives that leaned out, strong and very natural look to the trainees. Not the poor posture, no shoulders and no butt workout 'fanatics' that you regularly see at your training facility, whom have no idea what they are doing except to just keep going. (I really wish they'd take half that effort and put it towards studying from some actually good resources.) It's pretty simple really, our trainees look like true athletes. 

It's mother's day so here you go, a couple mom's that get after it in the best of ways. 

Taken after a grueling workout worth a memory solidified in digital imagery. From left to right your's truely, Julia, Janet, Heather, Donna. 

From left to right: Julia, Janet, Donna, Heather. By the way that's my mom holding the very respectable 24kg, of which she uses regularly. Pretty good for +50. 

Happy Mother's Day

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