Thursday, May 9, 2013

Dismissing the CALORIE

There was a time when I first got out of college and immediately ran into a world that DID NOT MAKE ANY SENSE in the field of Strength and Conditioning, Fitness, or Nutrition (meaning that I had higher expectations for my peers). I needed a job so I took one at a corporate gym (awful idea), where it was important to kiss ass, toe the line, keep your opinion to yourself, and conform into A COMPLETE TOOL.

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Needless to say, I didn't last long in that environment......IN FACT.....I got fired.....about 2wks before I was gonna quit. Kind of coincidental, but it was bound to happen. I told people the truth, or as much as I knew at the time. I wasn't willing to mislead or tell them bullshit that wouldn't help and sometimes could potential hurt their progress.

Now I notice how wide spread this little anomaly is now, which actually makes it NOT an anomaly. But it can be better. The standard right now is that if you can sell and motivate then you make money, and this somehow makes you an authority. This is sad.

GRIT GYM has sold based on it's expertise from the day of it's conception, and continues as such to grow as a leader in this area.

If there is one thing I've somehow done a good job of in my continuing education, is the recognition of BULLSHIT, and the dismissal of such. When I talk to other people that do what I do, I usually end up laughing, and the majority of it is at their bullshit.

This video is to clear up the first bit of bullshit I ran into when I got in an argument with the staff at that first "Club".


This will become a series and we'll get into the more controversial lies that you've accepted, and that you will have a hard time believing me about. 

For instance why NOT to eat breakfast. Mmmmmm.....wouldn't that blow your mind if that happened to be true......?

The best is yet to come.