Friday, February 22, 2013

The Bullshit of Goal Setting

What are you doing TODAY?

When talking "Goals" in today's world, the cart is almost always put ahead of the horse.

The high school athlete says "I want to be a state champ". 

Well that's great, but you're not playing for the state championship today. It may be the first game of the season and if that athlete's head is in the last game of the season s/he isn't going to play up to potential in the current game, s/he is on some level preoccupied w/ the last one that s/he hasn't earned yet.

Don't do this. It's good to have goals, but until there is a plan behind them, and this plan can be day to day, until then those goals will be BULLSHIT

The point is to do the ABSOLUTE BEST that each athlete possibly can to develop their body, mind and skills everyday and this will take care of the goal. It'll release the athlete of fear that only holds them back, allows them to remain in the present solely focused on the task at hand that is to develop their ability or to dominate w/n the current competition. It'll also allow for excitement in preparing for as well accomplishment to this instead of fear (there's a big difference between the two).

Start by taking action on what you can do TODAY. Just like the past cannot serve you other than what you've learned from it, the future hasn't happened yet, it doesn't serve you in any other way than your PREPARATION for it.

Preparation would be to include all things necessary to build ability: Strength and Conditioning, Psych, and Skills. So is the body and mind right as well as have skills been honed as best possible?

Athlete1: is obviously very good as seen by his/her ability levels, however falls short of best possible preparation. This doesn’t mean s/he lost the competition, it means s/he isn’t best possibly prepared for it. This has to be okay. In going for the outcome s/he has gained something incredible IF s/he gave it ALL. Then there is nothing more s/he could’ve done AT THIS TIME. Now s/he KNOWS s/he did his/her ABSOLUTE BEST. That’s true success and victory regardless of the outcome. Trying to do better than your best is a set up for failure. 

This is how an athlete lives on the edge, and every athlete should live on their edge. 

Athlete2: is obviously very good. His/her progress best sets him/her up for competition. Both athlete’s have the same responsibility in their competition, just so happens that Athlete2 is best prepared. Both require their ABSOLUTE BEST every single day. 

These reminders in your pocket, goal setting, and PRESENT preparation are all about focus. There are two relevant questions to ask yourself.

Where are you?
This reminds us to be Present. 
The 2nd question gets us focused to the task. 
What are you doing TODAY?

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Farmer Strength, Ninjas and Being INCREDIBLE

In order to watch this, keep in mind that a Bovine animal will grow
around 3lbs/day in the firstyear, and a pig will grow around 2.2lbs/day.

It'll make sense when you watch.