Friday, May 22, 2009

Social Support for Fat Loss

So, I guess Berardi has another video up. He just sent me an email this morning. Well, it's good enough that I'm gonna do another post for him.

He got me thinking about social circles and studies show that what your mother told you was true it does matter who you hang out wit. In fact I'd say the studies are a little soft in how much your social network affects you and what you do in life. You don't have to further than spousal relationships to notice this one. It almost always seems that in a very short amount of time a couple will begin to acquire each other's characteristics, they'll start to dress more similar to each other, they'll use similar jokes, react similarly, they'll even being to physically look more like each other. It's very interesting. 

So this can be very powerful stuff when it comes to fat loss, and by powerful I mean it can go two directions. I notice it all the time, especially with spouses. One is very motivated to lose fat or change in some way and the other doesn't care. The nutrition side of things is where it gets really bad really quick. One doesn't want to eat spinach and chicken every night (cause that's obviously all you can eat when dieting, or so I've found to be the case in people minds too many times). But the one wanting fat loss is attempting a diet and the other just doesn't want change. Neither is getting anywhere. For one they don't realize healthy doesn't have to taste bad. In fact I love my meals, and they are still very healthy. 


But in the end, the spouse that doesn't care to change probably wont and the one that was motivated just got thrown under a bus and give it up. It's too bad but it happens all the time. And all cause it became such a hassle to try and make two things to eat, or being scrutinized, or hating all the food, and the worst part.....getting zero support in the endeavor. I can't tell you how much this bugs me. (Especially to all of you husbands out there that are not supporting your wives in their quest because I hear this one all the time and it makes me livid. Support your lady. Besides it could be possible that she is in part doing this for you.)

I really like gourmet nutrition but something that everyone can get in on is Dr. Berardi's lean eating coach program that he's doing right now. Here is a video of him explaining social support and some options that you can take to get help with your goals. What he's putting out there is well worth it. He may be a little animated but this guy is legit. I wouldn't take the time to devote even a piece of my day to him if I he wasn't. Here's a link to his video.

This is also a contest for you competitive types, and the prize is $10 K to the best male transformation and $10 K to the best female transformation.

Good luck.

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