Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Office Fitness Presentation

Dusty and I just finished our presentation on fitness with a sedentary job. I need no reminder of how wacked up people's bodies are but I'm still in awe of how interested people are in helping themselves. I suppose my realization today is that I'm glad that I can be one of those informers that can make the difference in helping someone out of their current situation. Makes me feel all warm and gushy inside. 

We received very good feedback and I feel really good about things when the audience asks a lot of good questions, which occurred. Chalk one more up for us and to them for coming up with the questions.  

But I really feel good about the information we laid out. We started with the affects of a sedentary job. For instance sitting, looking into a computer, and typing for long durations and how they lead to issues like: 

Structural Posture problems



Anterior Head posture

Pelvic tilt

This part may have gotten a lil heavy for the audience we were speaking to.  We could go on for days about any one of those issues, so it was a little difficult to scale back. But in the end I think they were able to take in and make much of what we explained to be very useful. Which is our goal.

Second we explained how the body should work synergistically from the core outward to the extremities. I think we really tripped some minds during this part.

Last thing we did was actually take people through some mobility drills they could do on their own in their office that would help them dramatically. I don't think they realized how much each of those could help them but Dusty and I do, and because of that we're gonna keep hammering into your brains.

Overall I felt very good about it. I was glad to help and am excited for the next time we get called upon.  

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  1. This training sounds excellent! I think you guys will see increase in offices utilizing your services here in the near future. I can't tell you how many overweight individuals with work related ailements I work with each day all because they don't move around or sit properaly!

    I wish my office would invest in these classes to help the people in my office!

    -Sarah, PS -See you this Saturday!