Thursday, November 18, 2010

5 Recent success/interesting adventures

1. I went dairy free for 2 months.

Yep, no one believed me. I’ve been a huge dairy advocate for years. Many times in my life I’ve consumed over 4 gallons in a week. I often end my days w/ a late night cottage cheese snack, I’m the guy that drank half a gallon of milk every study hall in highschool. So how did this come about and why.

Well mostly cause I’m a complete psycho and seem to be my own regular experiment. I read a few very compelling articles, but Brian St. Pierre’s was my favorite.

Click here for the blog of Brian St. Pierre

I have also become closer and closer to embracing that “treehugger” side of myself that I used to make fun of (live and learn).

How did it go and what’s changed?

It was fine, I didn’t feel any “HUGE” differences but I don’t crave or even slightly desire milk anymore. I’ll eat cottage cheese from time to time mixed w/ certain dishes, but other than that it’s like I never even liked it. Very strange feeling.

2. The vast majority of exercises have become posterior chain dominant.

Actually this is nothing new, we’ve been doing this for a long time. At first I was the experiment and it worked well, then I started w/ my athletes and it’s worked even better. Almost all of our single leg work is off of a box or some type of deadlift instead of free standing like a step up or lunge. From my standpoint it’s been a driving force to their success. This has worked really well. It gives them a depth to hit and keeps the movement more controlled w/o me having to keep them accountable and worrying about spotters.

3. I started drinking pomegranite juice every morning.

This is pretty easy. It’s extremely good for you. Why? B/c in the last year the “acai” berry has gotten a ridiculous reputation for being irreplaceable. In actuality there are a few fruits that would rank higher if there were to be a competition. And in the competition the winner would be the unmistakable pomegranite juice. It’s packed full of good stuff, and is exactly why that Monavie stuff isn’t worth $50/bottle. Yeah it’s good, but so is my $10 bottle of pom.

4. I moved into a new house, and now I were sandals inside.

Yeah my house is awesome and yeah I pretty much don’t wear shoes unless I absolutely have to. I love them but if I had my choice I’d go for sandals or nothing. And b/c I’m not worried about sounding like a wimp my new floors are hard, and apparently my plantar fascia is not used to this. So now I wear sandals inside and roll out my feet about 3x as much. Weird….

5. I’ve increased the amount of external rotation exercises w/ myself and clients.

At least once a week there is some type of exercise whose sole purpose is to work on external rotation.

What have I noticed. Everyone’s shoulders are healthier and look solid as hell. Just in terms of aesthetic appeal….everyone’s shoulders got a little sexier when this all started. Mhm.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It's time to slow down inventing stuff

There seems to be this overwhelming trend that some coaches are trainers are doing lately and really it's not helping anything. Actually it's a little ridiculous. Everyone is trying to be unique and different and reinvent the wheel and make everyone else in the world see their ridiculous new movement or contraption that supposed to change everything we know.

Sometimes things are just good, and we don't need to make drastic changes to them. Some people are trying to take what works and change it. Don't ask me why. I don't totally understand it, but w/e.

Kettlebells made sense to me when they increased in popularity. But they've been around forever, it just happens that they hadn't had much exposure in the US yet.

On the other hand hula hoop exercise did not make sense, and thank god those gimmicky bastards weren't any better at marketing, I might've had an aneurism if the world actually accepted that as good exercise.

Core bars made some sense. I wouldn't call it a mainstay, useful everyday or something that's going to change your athletic career. But it's good.

The shack weight was so dumb.

SO DUMB.....

I'll go over some of the things that should be mainstays soon. Feel free to share your reactions to this stuff in the comments.