Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Steroids in the News and Today's Youth

Today I see it again. Roger clemens is in the news again. It's gonna be like that for awhile too. People are not going to let this fall. Dramatic finish in sports are incredible, dramatic finishes in real life seem to rarely be the same. It's too bad that we want to ruin the image and role model that they have become. 
Roger Clemens

What would you do if you found out that "Rudy" took steroids. I grew up living my life by looking to movies like Rudy, Rocky, and the Ninja Turtles. Yeah I grew up during the Ninja Turtle stage. Laugh if you want but EVERY guy close to my age knows exactly which Turtle he is/was and we can all tell a lot about ourselves just based off of that. 

Yeah I was definitely Rafael. 

The point I'm attempting to make is that we're ruining something in these athletes and we're ruining the image and role model that they are to the youth athletes of today and that is sad. We're also putting out mixed messages of accomplishment, and showing kids what is and isn't important in athletics. 

I believe in athletes, and would like to trust that what they've done was completely legal. In all actuality though, for the vast majority of Clemens career steroids were 'grey area'. I know this sounds crazy but it was not tested, and it was not worried about and until 2003 anyone could use steroids freely. It was not a big deal. Everything changed in 2003. All steroid and most boosters were done for to anyone without a Rx. 

Then there is also the problem with testing. What if it were a bad test, or tainted supplement, or a bad doctor. Here is an interesting link that dives into that as well. 

I can empathize with the athlete holding on to a career. It's all they've ever done, it's all that they know. Who are they if they are not competing?

And also with the athlete that's trying to make it. He/she needs to provide for themselves and their families the best way they know how. If all I knew how to do was play football (which was very true for awhile) and I had a family to support you bet your butt I'd pull out all the stops. 

Plus love and passion are strong sob's you try pulling away from something you love, it's a part of you, if it dies you die. These are just a few reasons, but when the clock runs out it sucks. I still have dreams that I'm playing ball again and I wake up sad as hell but it was fun while it lasted. 

Now would I juice myself up to get there from where I am now? No, there's something about it being legitimate that I would need for myself. I hope each of these athletes thought that through as well before throwing in. 

Hopefully soon we can find a way to put forth and image to kids that it takes work, guts, and mental toughness to be great. Cause right now we're missing the boat even if it is not our intention. 

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