Friday, December 31, 2010

10 tips to successful goals

New year, new goals, new lease on life, and all that jazz. Really, having the right mind set is huge, and some people will follow through w/ their endeavors this year and more power to you. It's take a ton of discipline to change your mind and the amazing result is how much that can change your life and your body.

But for tonight, Have a good time be safe, celebrate and remember the best parts of 2010, and be thankful they happened.

Thought this video made sense for tonight. Start everything else on monday. Btw that's the 3rd.

But if you have something you want to do this year, here are a few ways to increase your likelihood for success.

1) Tell everyone about it.

Our brains do this funny thing when lots of people know about our goals, it psychologically increases our dedication to following through. It puts more pressure on success, more people are there to keep you accountable, and then you can share your story w/ every one of them when your accomplish it.

2) Write it down and put it everywhere.

Bathroom mirror, car, desk, etc. Reminders are huge, even if you get used to them you'll still be reminded more often.

3) Make it specific.

Don't say I want tone up, or get stronger or some bullshit like that. Say, I want to Dead lift 600lbs, or I want to have 7% body fat.

For instance last year I still had yet to see the ocean. I know, crazy right. So I said before I my next birthday I'm to see the ocean. What happened, I was about to take a trip all by myself one month before my birthday to see the ocean, when some friends asked me to go to the orange bowl. Well, it was freezing cold in florida the whole week, I saw the ocean but I may as well have been looking at a picture, cause it was too cold to do anything anyway.
Yep, this happened while I was there.

4) Be realistic. This doesn't need an explanation.

5) Imagine yourself already having accomplished it.

This will not satisfy your craving for it, but will make your faith in the possibility of having/doing it, and/or will make you realize how much you need and deserve to have/do it.

6) Devote yourself to working your ass off for it. This means working smart as well.
This ass is earned

Getting on a treadmill is not hard work, and it's definitely not smart work.

7) Find and talk to people who have done what you're trying to do.

8) Get help from experts. Even Kobe Bryant has a coach.

9) Don't be a douche bag.

You can believe what you want, Karma, prayer, energy flow, w/e. But studies have been done to disprove prayer over and over again and every time the results came back w/ overwhelming proof in numbers that it works.

The studies took hundreds of patients and hospitals (some studies got specific using only cancer patients). Half the patients names were given to prayer groups across the country and half were not. The half that were prayed for showed massive improvement in their health, the group that was not prayed for didn't have any significant deviation from what was expected.

Point is if positive thoughts can help people in a hospital miles and miles away, what do you think negative thoughts can do. Plus no one likes a douche, no one wants to help a douche, and no one is going to be happy for a douche.

10) Find something that inspires you as often as possible.

Music, stories, movies, quotes, activities that rejuvenate you (maybe a walk in nature), anything that lifts your spirit and gets you going. Then use that energy to catapult yourself into your endeavor.

K, that's it. If you have another tip for keeping on track, or increasing your success put it in the comment section below.

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