Wednesday, December 15, 2010

No equipment needed

It sounds like southeast Iowa is about to get snowed in........imagine that.
Anyway, since I'm a slightly cynical, realist that happens to also be optimistic, I like to think that people will still get a workout in even if they're stuck at home. So, I put this together for a friend that is stuck at home tonight.

1a) Pushups 4x10

1b) lateral lunge 4x12/side

1c) 1leg RDL's 4x10/leg

2a) Lunge hops 4x10/leg (get off the ground w/ each lunge) (or you can do jumps w/ 2 feet 4x6)

2b) renegade rows w/ no weight 4x40 total

3a) lateral Plank 3x30s/side (only your feet and one elbow touch the ground while your laying laterally to the ground)

3b) Prone Y super man holds 3x15 (basically just do Y's w/ your chest on the ground and your feet off the ground and emphasis the glutes w/ the hold)

3c) Prisoner squats 3x15 (its a bodyweight squat w/ your hands behind your head)

This workout could also be used by frequent travelers that don't always stay where there's a nice workout area. Although if it's snowing you might as well get your ass outside and start shoveling.

Just don't end up like this


  1. tough workout. did you take the picture of the snowy house and road?

  2. No I didn't but that is you skinny dip snow snorkeling Jon