Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Can you play up to pressure?

There is a rule in sports and in life as far as I can tell. It's the 30% rule.

Under pressure athletes will play 30% better or 30% worse. So are you an athlete that steps up or wimps out. Either way, you're training needs to prepare yourself for those moments. Every move, down, practice, every moment needs to be done with as if it were everything. Think of how much effort, focus, and tenacity that will take. This is how champions are made, and by that I don't mean all athletes that are good, I mean champions.

I don't know where I originally heard this saying but I use it all the time with my athletes. I'm sure it came from football though. It's

"Always move forward"

I used to take it simply as, on offense move the ball forward, on defensive drive them back, when you hit a guy drive through him, that kind of thing.

The cool thing is that the other day I used it in reference to playing football, my athlete complained about something else going on his life and I had to explain how it applies to more than just football. He texted me later telling me how he understood. I like moments like that.

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