Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New years resolutions are crap

It's about that stupid ass time of year again. When you all poop out your new years resolutions. Personally I hate these stupid things. If you really wanted to do something about it you would've by now. Everyone is guilty of it (some more than others) but there's a reason people come up with excuses not to do something, even when they really want to do it. You've heard it.

I don't know all the answers but what I've found so far is that people are afraid. Not afraid of actually having it, but of accomplishing it. Afraid of what it will take to earn it. In my life I've found one simple truth, there is no easy quick fix to the great things you want. You want to be the best athlete on the field, lose 80lbs, make a ton of money, etc....It's gonna come one way, and you gotta earn it. That means no excuses, no holding back, no tomorrow's.

You are the only thing holding yourself back. Fear is a terrible little deal.


  1. Sweet clip.
    There is no tomorrow.

  2. Thanks Jon.

    Maybe a little bit sad to say but that movie along with Rudy and Ninja Turtles pretty much shaped my life.