Saturday, January 2, 2010

Attitude: you cannot be a badass without it.

I remember being in college and hearing other guys say how they'd take plays off in high school. Well my main sports were football, wrestling, and baseball (yeah I ran track too), non of those are sports where you can take a play off during the game.

I had a great attitude when it came to sports. Truthfully I didn't really know any different. I had a heavy go hard or don't show up mentality. That type of crazy kinda runs in the family.

This is my mom. She's a badass.

Attitude is huge, in any sport and in life. You have to have that edge, where there is only one way to go, and that's hard. I tell you what, when I played I had one speed. Like I said I was probably too stupid to know any different but I guarantee you one thing, you put everything you have into every play and your opponents are gonna remember playing you. They'll respect you, they'll probably even fear you.

This is probably the coolest part of this whole movie, but if you haven't seen it I suggest you do.

Facing the Giants

You want your team to play better, you want to be a better athlete, or you want to help your kids be the athlete's they want to be I suggest you work on your attitude. You can't control anyone else's and you can't teach something until you've mastered it yourself. Get your attitude set the right way and reap the benefits.

Till next time, keep being a badass.

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