Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Response to my eggs

I guess my recipe is catching a little flack. I actually saw this coming but wanted to wait and see what people said.

The main problem seems to be that I ate 6 eggs in one setting. Well to be honest that's not that big a deal for me. In fact in high school I'd eat a full dozen sometimes, no problem. That was just me at the end of the day. I was actually way more active then than I am now, and I'd still do the same now without thinking about it. If I wanted to that is.

Okay, yeah, I get it. Most people don't sit down and eat 6 eggs at a time. It seems like a lot but really you need to stop and realize I weigh 230lbs and sit around 9% body fat. That means my body has around 209lbs of lean mass and all of that is metabolic, meaning it burns calories. So my personal diet is probably much larger than most people simply because I need more calories to operate. I also have a very active lifestyle and career. I'm lifting 4 days a week and working out with clients 5-6 days a week. Then on off days I'm typically off doing something else. So in order to function and maintain my body mass I need a high calorie intake. This was actually a pretty small meal for me.

Let's say Mr. X is a 38 year old banker that is 6' tall, weighs 180lbs, has a body fat of 18%, and works out 3-5 days a week. Not too bad. But, Mr. X has around 147lbs of lean mass that is burning calories and he sits behind a desk 5 days a week. The 3-5 workouts that he gets a week are going to need to be fed but for the most part Mr. X is probably not going to need to eat 6,000 calories a day, of which I probably do most days.

The whole 2,000 calorie thing doesn't work for very many people. It's just a number the food label uses to calculate it's percentages.
The point is to eat for your body. Same as lifting and training. You don't need to be taking a diet plan written for someone else and try using it. It doesn't work. A 150lb woman going for fat loss isn't going to be successful using a diet plan written for Robert Gallery. She also wont be successful using his workout program. Just doesn't work that way. Just a side note, but she wont be successful athletically using that program either, cause it's not built for her and she's not ready for it because he's a professional athlete, and professional athlete's are the freakest of athletes.
Your typical 150lb woman is not this freaky.

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