Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Your clubs so called "PT-cert"

If this is all it took to be a personal trainer I would be ashamed. Dusty and I both have hours upon hours of hands on training and education, as well as countless books, articles and educational dvd's, along with highly regarded certifications, and not to mention the college degrees and our time spent training as collegiate athletes and internships.
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The idea that you can call yourself a personal trainer simply by taking a weekend course embarrasses me. You want to become something more than the typical workout enthusiast than that is great. Go for it, come talk to us, we'll be happy to give you the nations best resources. But don't for one second think this a dream job of glitz, glamour, and fortune or that you're even close to being qualified to train anyone, more than likely that includes yourself. It's early mornings, sometimes with the crankiest of little brats, defeated attitudes, negativism, and not to mention the delightful smell of BO. It's all part of the job. I've seen a lot of personal trainers come and go, and the chances of you making it or being worth a shit is about 1/100. So you could be that 1% but it takes more than your BS cert and a couple letters behind your name.
Here's a few incredibly basic questions that I would expect any college student focusing on fitness and/or human performance to be able to answer without a problem. If you identify with or can't answer these than you have no business using our title or training anyone.
  1. You think the biggest loser is a great show that has knowledgeable and qualified trainers.
  2. You still believe in a 'fat burning zone'.
  3. Can you list all four hip flexors and give their functions?
  4. Can you explain the difference between mobility and flexibility?
  5. Which joints should have good mobility and which should have good stability?
  6. You advocate crunches.
  7. You advise using a low fat, high carb diet.
  8. You denounce deadlifts because you think they are bad for the back.
  9. Can you explain why grandma is an inch shorter now than when she was 25? (I'll give you a hint, it has absolutely nothing to do with osteoporosis.)
  10. And I'm going to sound vain here, but if you're anything but exactly what you want to see in the mirror or able to pick up some pretty heavy shit than you have no business ever ever training anyone. Because if you can't change you, then how can you ever expect to help someone else do the same. That's for all the trainers with man boobs and/or love handles as big as their butts and/or that couldn't deadlift or squat their own weight.
It's probably time you come talk to us. Either one we beat some sense into you or two we beat you simply because you suck.

By the way, Dusty and I both deadlift well over 400lbs, can do multiple single arm pushups, have single digit body fat %'s, and have yet to ever touch steroids. This isn't a job, it's a career.

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