Friday, July 1, 2011

GRIT GYM Sponsors: Tri in July

I'm pretty excited for this event actually ( After all the hating I've done on long distance anything that's a lot for me to say. But this is a short sprint triathlon. Which, in my head can be justified. Although I'm still not going to participate.....6 mile run.....screw that. I'll do 4oo yard repeat sprints through the whole thing instead. It's also for a good cause, and a couple of pretty badass GRIT GYM athlete's put it on each year (that'd be you Angie and Abbie). So I'm sponsoring anyone that works out at GRIT. Really that just means they get a race shirt and I pay their entry fee....
This is the only picture I could find w/ a quick google search (sorry strobel's)

330 yard swim
6 mile bike
2 mile run

The Triathlon begins at 7:30 in Sigourney, Iowa July 10th.

Should be a great day, I encourage everyone to get registered (click here). If you feel left out from being sponsored well........shoot me an email ( and I'll see what I can do about getting you a shirt.

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