Friday, July 8, 2011

Bigger+Healthier Bench Press: w/ an Arch

The flat bencher gets injured and has low numbers, which in turn means he doesn't get bigger or stronger. Ummmm......Isn't that the reason 9 out of 10 guys go to the gym in the first place?

So, besides the fact that it makes you look like a raging pussy, we can also deduct that putting your feet up on the bench, which causes a flat back, is not good. Read on.

This is DUMB

W/ a flat back on the bench we're subjecting the rest of our spine to compression it's foreign to and unable to handle. That compression is going to come out some where. Ever heard of the guy that injured his back or neck traumatically while bench pressing? Happens all the time, just for this one reason.
Besides his total being seriously compromised this is an injury waiting to happen. Perfect example of how NOT to bench press.

And that compression in your spine pushes the thoracic spine and in turn your scapulae into poor position which hampers your shoulders from performing as they should. You end up putting forces in wrong places and it doesn't work out for you joint capsule or the muscles around it. Bad deal pal.

It's almost as smart as doing crunches.

Like an atomic bomb going off in your vertebrae

So what to do? Arch - your - back!

Lifting w/ a big arch:

1) Solves everything from above.

2) This allows the spine to sit in better position, decreasing chance of injury.

3) Shortens the distance the bar has to travel=bigger numbers

4) Bigger numbers=bigger badass=bigger muscles

5) You'll be able to utilize your lats more, better for the shoulder and improves numbers

6) For it to count you need 3 points of contact: Butt, feet, shoulders. So if you ass fly's in the air it wont count. As you see in the video had I not arched that larger my ass would've flown off the bench, even though its hard to tell w/ the loose shorts, I get away w/ it.

How to Bench

1) Push your shoulders into the bench

2) Pull your feet underneath you

3) Get a big arch as if you have a football under your low back

4) Tuck your elbows

5) Drive your feet in the ground, tighten your glutes and your lats

6) Pull (and look) the bar low on your chest w/ your lats
7) Explode up (blow the bar up w/ your air) and flare your elbows for the last quarter of the lift.

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