Monday, June 20, 2011

Ways to make yourself sick

1) Follow the USDA's (esp the old one) Food Guide

-Tons of grains so we all become bald/blind diabetics w/ high cholesterol and closets full of cloths that are too small for our fat asses.
At least we're moving in a better direction compared to what we had before:

2) Keep believing you'll be able to get all your vitamin and mineral needs from your diet alone.

Sorry, it's not going to happen.

3) Exercise the recommended amount....

Actually, in a way, I have to take this back. The government just changed it to 60-90 minutes/day, however.......
A) I get where they're going w/ that but it's gonna seem a little daunting to the couch potato that thinks walking 3 blocks instead of driving their car is considered exercise which sets them up for failure, they end up quitting and think someone should take care of them for that too but w/e. Opinions are like assholes, and sometimes I'm kind of an asshole....
B) Really quantity of time has no merit compared to quality of time spent exercising.
-For instance: A 90 minute jog every day, is not a quality workout. Actually it sucks, unless you're training for a marathon and doing a long run.
-30 minutes of intense interval training w/ different weighted implements would be though.

4) Don't lift anything heavy

Deadlifting heavy is more than juuuust getting an ass like this:


5) Don't take a quality source of EPA + DHA daily

6) Only take the recommended 600 iu of Vitamin D/day

7) Create a disconnect w/ daily activity and nature by reading blog posts all day instead of getting out and doing something active. Leave your house!

-Go play basketball (yeah you probably suck but who cares)
-Save some gas. Ride your bike to work or where ever you need to go that's 8 miles or less. 7 miles on a bike isn't that far.
-Go for a walk somewhere away from cars, concrete, and people in general.
-Nature has tons of entertainment if you get out and open your eyes.
-Ever try sleeping in when your camping? It doesn't work.

Point of the list is to get off your ass.

-Mowing your lawn isn't exercise and it's not a connection w/ nature. Though it is a form (weak form) of being active if you're not riding the thing.
-Eating grain fed salmon once a week doesn't make you healthy.
-Having a small spinach salad covered in Dorthy Lynch (of which I adored growing up, we all make sacrifices) will not give you an adequate micronutrient content or close to everything you need for the day.
-Just b/c you run a mile daily doesn't make you strong or fit (if that ruffled your feathers too bad, it's the truth) And if you cannot run a mile you need to do some serious work.


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  3. This girl is clueless...ever heard of free publicity for your blog?

  4. C'mon....she's a crossfitter! The elite!

  5. Now, now... I'm a photographer. I make my living taking photos and in all fairness, it's not cool when other people yank photos without permission. (Plus it totally violates copyright law.) I could care less about "free publicity from my blog," Matt Green. Besides, how could I get "free publicity" when there was no credit posted with the photo. Regardless, the new photo used (also posted sans credit) is a far better photo and easier on the eyes. Thank you, Adam, for removing my photo. Apologies for coming off as bitchy.

  6. Okay.

    This is what was said:

    From Jessica:
    Hello, I noticed that one of my original images from my "Girl Walks Into A Barbell" blog is being used, without explicit permission, on your site. Not only is it being used without permission, but there has been no credit or link referring back to where you got the image from. This image is NOT stock. As stated on my blog, I have all rights reserved on my photographs, logo, and slogans pertaining to my blog.

    Please cease and desist using my copyrighted images. As a photographer, I find this in poor taste. Failure to do so will result in my taking legal action.

    The particular image I am referring to is an image of me performing a deadlift in this blog entry of yours.

    I will recheck this site on Monday. Please have my image removed before then.


    Then this is what was replied

    From Rees:
    I think a simple request would've sufficed.

    You're pretty upset about this apparently. The image came off of google and had nothing to do w/ "stealing" your image.

    Today was the first time I've been on your site, to find an email address for you, which would have been more appropriate.

    But yes, I'll use a different photo.

    So, now there is a different photo and it works.

    Some people take great offense to this kind of thing. No matter how innocent it came about. I'd call this an extreme. And that's cool. I value plenty of shit that people think is "crazy".

    I was in the wrong for using the photo even if I had no idea it had a copyright. It's her photo and Jessica could choose to respond h/e the hell she wanted.

    Maybe not how I would've handled it, but I also probably wouldn't give a shit in the first place. I also don't do crossfit, and photography is not a strength. It'd suck donkey balls if everyone was the same.

    In the grand scheme of things it really is NOT that big of a deal.

    but I also don't believe in rules or laws either so take my words as you will.....