Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dear Indian Wedding

Dear Indian Wedding,
You are probably one of the most amazing things I've ever seen and it's possible that I no longer "hate" weddings..... Did I really just say that?

Dear Indian food - My bowels were raving about you all day.

Dear non indian Bride - Allie: I've probably never given you a compliment, so take this for what it's worth. I've never seen you look so gorgeous and happy. Glad you made a good decision.

Dear Anay- You did well man. Wasn't sure about you at first. skeptic eye got the best of me, just thinking of my cuz. And I'm a whack job, you're in the family now, you'll find out.

Dear my dance partners: I WOULD apologize for my drunkeness, stepping on your toes, spitting when I spoke, and generally hitting on you the entire time....however, there's no need b/c A) perfect level of alchohol B) that was a blast C) I was in the zone.....if that's what you want to call it.
This is actually my mom and I. Haha, Probably right after I picked her up and swung her around patrick swayze style. What can I say, I was in the zone.

Dear my older sister: Thanks for letting me use my niece and nephew to have a reason to get on the dance floor in the first place.
What a little shit head

Side note: My Aunt Susan, My mom, and my Grandma Hillyard were stunning as well.
This is my mom and little sister
My aunt Susan and my mom, and the opposite side of the family continually mistook these two for the other. Wonder why.....
Oh Grandma.

Anyone not there missed out.

Yeah, I still got a few...."You married yet?"
My response, "Nope, and loving it, but thanks for asking".

Still waiting on my dream girl.... You know, tall, athletic, dark, curly haired, smart girl, that smiles a lot, w/ an opinion as strong as mine, personality that takes your breath away and that look that says come and get me not b/c she's just hot but b/c she's sexy as it gets. Glutes the size of a mini mediterranean donkey and long thin legs wouldn't hurt either....just sayin.

But in all honesty, that whole event was an experience. I had no idea what to expect and it was fantastic.


  1. Thank you for sharing nice pics. Indian Bride is gorgeous. Your grandma is so sweet.

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  2. Adam, I have never heard you give me a compliment that brought tears to my eyes. Glad I could help you hate weddings less :)
    Love you,

  3. A little less Allie, just a little. Hah.

    Glad you liked it. See you soon.

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