Thursday, February 26, 2009

You think you know big? Lifting Approach

So I've hit on nutrition to a point. Now I'm gonna attempt to get you lifting and working to truelly make some big gains. As we've gone over, if you don't eat you will not get strong, faster, or larger. Same goes for lifting. Don't expect to have soft workouts and get anywhere. You know what lifting hard means? I'd say approximately 80-90% of people lift like complete panzies.

When I say lift I mean get after it in the weight room. You know when you're working and when you are not. Get some guts and GO HARD. You cannot use a few stupid machines, get a slight sweat going and then talk to your friends for 5 or 10 minutes come back and do more. 
  1. Machines are not going to help you in any way: health, performance, strength, growth, etc... 
  2. This type of training requires no work ethic.
  3. Training like this does not create enough stimulus to make any changes. 

When I say lift I am also not even a little bit refering to mirror curls. As if staring at yourself in the mirror is going to help that bicep get larger. Lifting is also not using any machines, especially leg curls and leg extensions. It is definitely not a sweatless, slow paced, no grunt or grit excursion through some iron. Wimps lift like that. 

You don't want to be a wimp. You want and need to be that great big, amazing, dominating athlete, not some punk that's not willing to put in the sweat, blood, and tears that it takes to be great. That's part of the reason you're reading this right now. Right now, you're doing your part to make yourself smarter and that is called putting in the effort, and that will take you places. 

Wanna get big? 
  • You gotta bust your butt 
  • You gotta get off of stupid machines (which means almost all of them)
  • You've gotta live it. Everytime has to be the best you can possibly do, the most that you can put in. (and by no means am I saying you should load the bar as heavy as possible each time, that is a very very different deal. Think 'HOW' not 'WHAT'.)
I actually used to write the word EVERYTIME on paper and pictures that would set me off to remind myself of where I've been and where I want to go. It was very affective. One picture was of me after the first time I had dislocated and tore up my shoulder real bad. It was my freshman year wrestling picture and I was tall and skinny and looked weak and useless, and the worst part was that I obviously had no fire or confidence to me. It was like looking at all the wanna be athletes that disgusted me. This drove me to make huge changes. After my shoulder was healthy, I was cleared to lift in June. I gained 40 lbs by the end of august and kept a consistent body fat percentage. When I came back to school some people were afraid to talk to me cause they didn't know who I was. Plus I looked scary as hell, cause I was on a mission. My freshman year of football I had figured out how to hit. My sophomore year people actually went down. It was a good feeling. 

You want to be a freak? You wanna be the best? You wanna get fast, strong, and huge? These are the money lifts that are going to take you there. 
  1. Squat: It's number one for a reason. Yeah Yeah, everybodies doing them right? WRONG! Start squatting (and do it right: butt back, knees out) and you'll see big changes. Power, Box, single leg, split, cambered bar, whatever your variations are, get them in. 
  2. Deadlift: You want massive weight put on while keeping your body healthy and anhilating your competition then it's time to get in some deads. 
  3. Pullup: Speed, size, strength comes from the upper body as well and this is where you make big gains in each of those categories. Especially when you start adding weight. 
  4. Cleans: For some reason I feel I need to justify doing each of these exercises, but really if you can't figure this one out you need help. the posterior chain is going to take you a long way and this lift is working it in a strong explosive manner. Figure out how to do this correctly and it'll take you far.   
  5. Heavy pushups: I very rarely see a correct pushup but sometime kids are actually strong enough right away for these. Start them and they will soon be your best friend and wreak havoc in competition. 
  6. Horizontal pulls: you want to keep your body healthy and strong then you need to pull like crazy, especially horizontally. Build your back and you'll notice yourself doing every other lift faster and stronger. 

And you gotta take it with a vengeance. There's a reason some guys get big, there's a reason some are good and some are great. Same thing here. If you're not wiling to put in, then you're not going to be the guy you thought you wanted to be. 

No one is gonna give you anything in this life. You want something you gotta take it. The best you have, EVERYTIME. Believe me you'll come out on top if you have the heart to actually do this. 

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