Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Duke vs. NC Basketball, is basketball worth it??

Alright, I apologize for the hiatus from writing. At the moment I've decided to make time instead of taking a some moments to myself in order to watch Dude play North Carolina. I am not really a fan of either and as a wrestler I am not really even a fan of the sport in general. Now before I hear an uproar about this let me explain.

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For one, the game of basketball has more gray area than any other sport there is. It's is a very judgmental game. For instance, a post can push his opponent around, BUT not too much!! and you can set a screen and about knock a guy on his arse but then its a foul to lightly touch his wrist while he's dribbling or shooting. Seems like too much to me. I guess I'm too much of an all or nothing kind of guy.

Then the idea of strategy that actually involves certain players not moving or working for a better position seems wrong to me. Seems like each player should be moving and working a grunting with everything they've got for their position. Football and wrestling there is no stop, it is all go. Yeah Yeah I played baseball and as it seems there is much standing around, if played properly every single player should move a fair amount on every single play. Even outfielders should moving on simple hit ground balls, actually they should be running there butts off. But what do I know I'm just a big dumb jock that used to be some kind of an athlete. (Maybe it is the old wrestler in me calling out all the pumpkin pushing skinny sissies that played where I was from.)

Pumpkin by g.scollay.
See how it fits right in??

Also on a less opinionated note, there are more ACL tears (I'd say almost 100% due to poor training habits, improper footwear, and/or bracing techniques) in basketball than any other sport. Now why is that???? What's the matter with bracing?? And they're all wearing 'basketball' shoes, that's what they're made for how can that be wrong?

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Check out this knee in action

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Note the sleeve/brace on the right knee of arguable the best overall player in the nation this year.

I'm gonna tackle this tomorrow then this weekend I'll get into what we can do to prevent this kind of crap from happening so much. Really its not even that complicated. Talk with you all soon.

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