Friday, February 20, 2009

Sup? Supplements: Do your RESEARCH

I recently stumbled upon an old friends forum. I noticed the ridiculous amounts of poor information and for some reason had to dig through some of it just to realize how confused some people out there really are. The sad thing though, most of these people considered themselves close to experts and to be very knowledgeable and were handing out tons of information in a very confident manner. Sad for too many reasons, but for one they are probably passing this terribly incorrect information on to others, spreading the disease of absolutely idiot training practices. Two they are doing it in a very confident and convincing way that would probably trick the average gym goer (I think a tear is about to fall from my eye). Then the worst one they are actually stuck in this idiotic belief that they are correct, and using these practices themselves (I think that tear just turned into fire cause that stuff just pisses me off). 

The rest of this blog is what resulted from one of the many posts about supplements that I read. I actually had to go through and delete a good portion of it because by the end I started to feel bad for all of them and didn't want them all to start crying half way through. It also sparked me to begin writing more about training as well as supplements to make sure you all know you have at least one resource that will tell you the truth and try to point you in the correct direction of some others that can as well. 

As far as my reaction to all of the dumb training posts that were put up....well I was too angry to comment on any of that.

Beginning rant now:

Does anyone else think it's humorous that experienced lifters are still going places like GNC and vitashop or w/e it is?  I didn't read all of these but some of this is a little off. Biotest seems to do a very good job, but just like everywhere else they are just trying to sell you something.  Like muscle milk trying to say that they can actually make creatine work more efficiently in your body. 
Give me a break! Just to let you know that crap is about the worst supp on the market.  

Also, most vitamins absolutely suck. If it is not a liquid or a capsule it's probably not worth it. Try baking your tablets in the oven you'll see all the nasty stuff come out. 

I have to go over this with my athletes all the time, but the outside of a container is a sales pitch no matter how you look at it. Sometimes a company knows what they are talking about and are truthful, sometimes the company is cluelessly ignorant feeding bits and pieces of 'BS' they coop up in a lab, kitchen, or garage, and sometimes a company is just plain old lying their butts off.  You know how many athletes are being hampered by muscle milk's crap right now. Every one of them that is taking it, and that is alot because of an incredible marketing campaign. 

Not like I wasn't tricked either at one point but do your research. This isn't something to screw around with, this is your body, and it's your life.  Here is one resource for all of you. Probably better though would be this guy http://precisionnutrition.
com/cmd.php?pageid=778229 He'll teach you to eat, which will make your supps have an even better affect.  Good luck.

-Adam Rees

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