Thursday, April 9, 2009

Different kinds of training

So you've finally figured out that treadmills are killing your feet, knees and Nervous System.

Body Pump has lead you down a road too often taken straight to the hospital for surgery and/or rehab.
Yoga and Pilates felt good (and is great 3/4's of the time) until you helped a friend move and received a herniated disk for it.
And I know you are way smarter than to be using pre determined range of motion machines that have inadvertently led to more injuries than Bill Romanowski can list off the top of his head (by the way that is a lot).

In light of this, I'd like to show you an innovator. Will Jones just produced his first workout video. Please enjoy.

Aside from the outfit, the awkward and unsubtle adjustment, and the music I think this kid may go far.

In reality the truth is that treadmills do cause problems, large group lifting classes (like body pump) with less than knowledgeable trainers are not going to be able to provide workouts that are safe or healthy, yoga and pilates are great about 3/4's of the time other than that you should love your spine more, and a sad truth but machines can be the worst place to invest your efforts.

It's really too bad, but it's true. And the best solution? Leave the implementation, the exercise prescription, the programming, and the training to an expert. To someone that understands functional anatomy as well as functional movement, and is able to implement that into workouts.

This starts with assessments, goes in with programming, and all the way through with the actual attention to detail during training.

Remember that 'how' is always more important than 'what'.

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