Tuesday, June 7, 2011

USDA Retires Food Guide Pyramid....!!!

Big news:
The USDA finally retires the food pyramid. This is a very good thing, though I don't agree whole heartedly w/ the new propaganda at least it's a step in the correct direction.
As governed people we think of the government to be and have the most advanced and well rounded technology, programs and information, but this is not the case most of time. The real advancements happen in the private sector where creativity and in the trenches thinking can take place w/o being staved by studies and procedure. Sadly the last place of change is where it should be the first.

Though I do think the government has had a little bit more to think about than nutrition, for example a war and a supposed recession. But this blog is not about politics, of which I know nothing, but about being an informed and free thinking person. So if I've offended anyone, I'm sorry, get over it.

The Gov's new deal is the "Plate". Saying to keep portions small, and that protein, grains, vegetables, and fruits should make up equal parts of each meal, and then a small portion of dairy on the side.

Which is great compared to what it used to when it was eat tons of grains, protein as you want, and fruits and vegetables ah....no big deal. So as idiotic as the "pyramid" was the "Plate" almost seems genius.

All in all I'd really like to give the government a nice backhanded compliment for this one. Emphasis on the backhand. But really, eating protein every meal, more emphasis on fruits and vegetables, decreasing grains and dairy, well done USDA.

At least we're moving the right direction. Maybe 50 years from now when 80% of the population is diabetic, bald, blind and on a dozen different medications that the government finances we'll see a shrink in the grains, an increase in the vegetables and fruits, and change the milk to greek yogurt.

By then Suzanne Sommers will have taken over everything and we'll all live forever and no one will remember what a baby looks like.....

There's some crazy shit out there, and I don't mean crazy in a don't think some of it could be theoretically possible. I guess we'll see.

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