Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Compliments, kettlebells, and farm machinery???

I really wondered how the day would start today. I had a absolutely awesome weekend, monday was not a typical monday at all it was grrreat but last night was interesting. I actually somehow ended up back on the farm where I grew up helping my dad practically rebuild a planter. Which means laying in dirt, rolling around positioning yourself while holding odd shaped and awkward heavy pieces of machinery while trying to somehow get a free hand to use. By the time I was done my back was happy to be finished. I'm lucky I am in my deload week.
This is actually the exact same planter.

So, I wondered how things would go in the morning. Well I woke up, back felt great. Which is awesome considering I grew up feeling like my back could pretty much go at anytime. So that was a good realization. Learning functional anatomy, Abdominal bracing, Muscular Activation Techniques and kettlebells have really changed my life.

Then I get to work and a new member decides to retake my kettlebell class. GREAT! That really got me going. She had taken one class before and this class is not for everyone. It's hard, and you get sore and all that. So I usually worry that I'll never see people a second time. Then at the end of class she happens to give me possibly the greatest compliment I think I've ever received. I had told her that I worried she'd never come back, and she replied,"No way, it's the best workout I've ever had." That was awesome to say the least.

So there you go, throw out the planter and it's been 5 phenomenal days right in a row. I love it!

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