Monday, May 21, 2012

Lessons In Movement....from a 1, 4 and 6yr old

Movement is interesting. It seems that at some point along the line most of us don't continue to improve at movement. When we were born the first thing we did was breathe….with our diaphragm….through our nose. Babies don’t breathe through their mouth, it’s learned.

  1.       Then we learned to roll over 
  2.       Then we learned to crawl
  3.       Then we stood up…..and fell back down repeatedly
  4.       Then we Walked - Ran - Jumped
·           In that order

Meet my niece and two nephews: Kate, Jacob, and Noah. 
You don't really realize that the gym is just an adult playground until kids show you. 

One compensation leads to another, breathing could've been the first but it really doesn't matter. Finding the problem is for the assessment and picking up the pieces is the program.

Going back to these patterns of how we originally learned to move is extremely useful.

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