Friday, December 26, 2008


I hope everyone had a merry christmas and is looking forward to a new year. 2009 will be upon us soon. This is the first change of year for High Impact Training and that is exciting. Thank you to all of those that have supported us so far. 
Something that comes to mind as I look out my window today is the snow. Right now we have more than plenty of it and I hear a lot of the blame game being played that you can't exercise outside with the snow. 
Now, I enjoy the cold even less than I enjoy long distance jogging. But the snow gives a great avenue that we can use to get some real exercise in. Best part you can get some real FUN along with it, even better if kids are involved. I'm talking about DRAGGING SLEDS.

Rocky does it.

Pulling a sled around is great for your body in numerous ways. We get a ton of work on our core, posterior chain, and I typically dislike the word 'cardio' for its common misusage but this is the perfect type of cardiovascular work. You get a total body workout in a very dynamic, safe, and physically taxing way. Nationally recognized Strength Coach Mike Boyle rates Sled work as the king of exercise. He labels pushing a sled as the #1 exercise if he could only choose one. When I look at someone pushing a sled I see a single leg squat, core and shoulder stabilization, I see huge force production and power development, I see dynamic effort and I could go on for awhile here, but this is a blog. 
Get outside, rip a sled around for awhile. If you have a partner take turns pulling each other around, if not throw something on the sled that will act like weight. You'll see what I mean very quickly. For an add exercise carry around a sandbag or some heavy at the end while pulling the sled this will get your body worked fast. Have fun, try it out. 

"Life is 10% what happens to you, 90% how you respond to it."

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  1. I like this exercise not only do I get a workout but I get to spend quality time with my kids too! The more the merrier!