Friday, April 12, 2013

How to Live INCREDIBLE for over 360 years

It is important to consider what he says about the age 14. 

Around 14 is the 2nd phase of development for humans, the first being around 7 when school starts (when we are institutionalized). 

It is here that most of us stay for the majority of our lives (it satisfies one of our highest purposes, to create life to ensure continuation of the species), unless something traumatic happens and/or we go to a huge ambitious journey of emotional/spiritual growth. 

This journey can happen in many ways. One is already mentioned, it is the school of hard knocks. The 2nd is through deep spiritual practice (but christianity and many of our religions are screwing it up by using 'guilt', which is the opposite of 'grace'). And/or we can be courageous enough to immerse ourselves in learning and challenging ourselves w/ deep psychological practice w/ a coach and self learning.

In common terms, this takes tons of courage, and tons of commitment to ones self IN ORDER TO KNOW ONE'S SELF (this scares the shit out of 99.99% of people, people fear what they don't understand and 99.99% of people do NOT know who they are).

Resistance to this is simply fear, and not facing this is succumbing to that fear. Also, Negation of this is a simple projection of such. 99.99% of people are subject to this. Just how it is.

The ONLY way to BE INCREDIBLE is to take that 

journey. To learn.

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