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5 Pieces to Honing the Abnormal Great Life

Possibly my most important post ever

To speak in third person for a moment, there's a side most people don't know about Adam Rees. He’s a pretty normal guy, but crazy when a problem presents itself, whenever/however that may happen (sometimes we don't realize problems until we get roundhouse kicked in the face), going into almost complete immersion, for h/e long and with w/e intensity it takes.  

It’s an abnormal extreme but it's mine. Books, digital products, articles, etc. I do every activity and give each overwhelming thought and application. This could be 4books or 20; I could study/perform assignments/participate in activities for hours a day for weeks and/or months at a time if necessary. See? Crrrrazy.

What does this mean for you? It leads to you getting the best stuff I've found. Today's topic is Psych/mindset. Everything here is your choice, and none of it is absolute, but it is all great stuff.

Grab a paper and pen
First participate in this activity. You'll eventually be glad you did. Do each part as you go, do NOT read ahead, and it will be clear at the end. 
  • Take out a piece of paper
  • On the left side write down some of the people and things that annoy you or get under your skin. 
  • On the right side write down some of the people you admire and what it is about them that you admire.
If you haven't actually written this down, Do. 
  • The left side of the paper is a mirror of yourself and your looking at things you find you don't like in you, things that probably need help. 
  • The right side of the paper is showing the things that you are not allowing to show through in your self, and that you should. 
Realities can be hard to accept. Mine was fairly upsetting and hard to believe, but it was true. 

Personality Tests

The orange, blue, green, gold test is interesting but this is different. Fair warning, it is written as if it's for romantic relationships, lots of psych stuff is geared that way. It can be a turn off but I'm sure it helps them w/ sales, look past the marketing and read for your own reasons. (take the free test)

So, embrace who you are, but reach toward the other quadrants. I'm ridiculously on the warrior end of the continuum. So I need to love, laugh and let people help me more often. 

MindOS (use the coupon code “REES” for a $20 discount)

This is an incredible system for getting your thoughts straight and allowing growth, and actually where I was exposed to the KWML test. It is a MUST BUY RIGHT NOW, no questions asked. 

This goes into turning anger and anxiety into self esteem and well being, amongst just about everything else on your mind, in order to live a better and more clear life. From being busy just to be busy and dealing w/ negative emotions/thoughts, to building confidence, self esteem and even courage, of which is interestingly a very big player in the mental game.

It is a MUST BUY RIGHT NOW. This is NOT something you ask yourself if you can afford, it's can you afford not to. It is a game changer. Take1hr, 30min, h/e much time each am/pm and apply it. 

Dr. Paul is an actual psych doctor, not just a self help guru and his stuff is geared towards relationships, but he’s not going into “skills”, he’s going into your inner psychology and teaching you to help yourself. It really is something that everyone should go through. 

I’ve actually spoken w/ Dr. Paul and by using the coupon code “REES” (all caps, no quotations) you’ll get a $20 discount on any product:

Dr. Paul’s suggestions are at the end.

A friend sent me this video. After completing the MindOS system you'll understand how important it really is. 
Start journalling every day. I keep a notebook beside my bed that's written in every night. You'll be amazed how much you learn about yourself while writing and day to day. 

Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton

I've read plenty of sports psych and a few general psych books but none that flipped my brain as much as this one. I wouldn't call it a must read, but suggested. 

It's probably the weirdest book you'll ever read, but very interesting. The author is a cellular biologist at Stanford. 

This book will shake you and you want to be shook.

The Presence Process by Michael Brown

Being "present" may be one of the most important pieces of life we can attain. The past has already happened, and the future is just an idea. We're constantly in the present, but physical and mental presence is different and the idea that you have control of or are able to handle that present is sadly a lie for almost all of us. We’re not able to "think" our way to a present state, thinking quite literally negates the ability to be present. 

Imagine sitting on a rock along side the Rio Grande in Colorado during the middle of August at dawn (dry, comfortable, mildly cold, gorgeous, peaceful). In that moment nature’s beauty is all around you. "Thinking" into this moment and your mind will race, it wants what's next and will not experience the moment. Being present in that moment is entirely different. Have presence and you can sit, appreciate, and enjoy what is happening all around you. No need to speak or entertain yourself, just breathe, listen, watch and experience what is happening. This can be applied to relationships w/ kids/significant other/friends, work, recreation, happy and sad moments and even disagreements/arguments.

Some words that come to mind here are: worry, anxiety, anger, sadness, shame. Some of us live in these. There are better ways. 

Idk what Presence could do in your life, but I can tell you that anything can improve, and growth is always a good thing. To grow is to live, w/o growth we're psychologically dead even if our physical body is alive. 

That's why I suggest this book, even though I haven't yet finished it. 

The Presence Process

It is a 10 week process of 15 minute practices/meditation 2x/day. Supposedly most people don't make it through due to the emotional pain that has been repressed for years, often times even forgotten, but resurfaces through the process in order to deal w/ it and heal as a mature adult. It seems most of these pains happened when we were children and we didn't know how to deal w/ them so we suppressed them in order to be a good little boy/girl for mom, dad and/or whoever else. Through this process we find growth in being "in the moment' or "present" (some call this mindfulness) and it's apparently led to amazing discoveries and better lives and relationships for many "normal" people w/ "normal" problems in "normal" life (quotations are there for a reason). 

Everyone can carve 15 minutes into their morning and afternoon/evening. Just like anything else, it's not about FINDING the time, it's about MAKING the time. 
Click here: The Presence Process

As an Individual

Reading books and educating yourself goes a long way, but actually getting a non biased look from a professional at you as a specific individual is something all of us can take benefit.

We all have "our truths", the things we believe about ourselves. These "truths" could be good/bad/correct/incorrect but we believe them regardless. As an individual a book cannot point out your particular truths, or direct you to challenge the areas that may lead to the way of best improvement. Talking to a professional can, especially when combined w/ the other materials. 

In Iowa City I refer these two professionals:
  • Morrie Adams (319)351-6654
       320 Kirkwood Ave, #1, Iowa City, IA 52240

  • Ann Kramer (319)755-0174

I realize the stigma of going to a therapist (that you’re actually crazy), the comfort zone in "knowing" yourself, and the pride in "DIY", which are all understandable but absurd. 

There's no way you can grow and develop as far as you'd like, in the amount of time you'd like w/o help. It's actually not likely that it'll ever happen on your own. Choosing to delay this for yourself is choosing to say NO to you, and in that decision, everyone loses: career, friends, family, significant others, and most of all you. In my mind every decision should be or at least seek to be win-win. Saying no to you is lose-lose, which should be strictly avoided. 

If having the humility to let someone help you could lead to further owning your true self and lead to a happier more successful life (work and relationships especially), it's an easy answer, do it, even if you feel like there's nothing wrong.

None of this is saying it'll be easy. But just like anything else, nothing worth having comes easy, and the journey is always more than worth it. 

Don't passively wait, hoping for life to teach you to be a person of high character. This would be naively optimistic. A positive realist takes the responsibility to live, learn, and evolve to be better, starting now. H/e when the student is ready the means/teacher appears. I'm not the teacher, but maybe this is the day. 

I'm not asking you to understand or agree w/ me, I'm asking you to trust me. There's no need to wait for life to knock you down, if you even get that lucky. Take the leap. It's courageous to take the leap, perform courage. 

*** (take the test)

***MindOS (Use the coupon code REES at checkout for a $20 discount)
            -WOMEN MindOS
            -MEN MindOS

There's a quote from one of my favorite movies that we'll end w/. It puts some heavy lessons in a small package.

"Life is a storm, my young friend. You will bask in the sunlight one moment, be shattered on the rocks the next. What makes you a man is what you do when that storm comes. You must look into that storm and shout as you did in Rome. Do your worst, for I will do mine! Then the fates will know you as we know you: as Albert Mondego, the man." -The Count of Monte Cristo

Dr. Paul's Additional Suggestions:


***Complete Feminine Empowerment

***Seventh Sense


***Mature Masculine Power

***Omega Male



They’re marketed and copywritten as romantic relationship advice which is kind of funny b/c these are NOT about “relationship/dating skills”, it’s much deeper than that, down in the roots of our thoughts and beliefs (limiting/constructive). Any of these will lead to incredible growth and improvement. In much more than just a romantic relationship, that’s more of a positive by product that comes from being a person of or seeking to be of high character.

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