Monday, June 11, 2012

Introverts Mistaken for Assholes...No, They Just Enjoy Alone Time

At the gym it's hard to imagine me as an introvert (so I've been told). I call it socially awkward but in reality the madness (training) comes from my time alone, in study or deep thought. This time is extremely precious to me, and it's often the difference between a good/bad/mad/sad/happy/fun/productive/worthwhile day.

This is hard to understand, esp for extroverts. But realize the benefits of this time and take advantage of it. Lonely is not a negative, it's a false feeling that you "need" someone else (for comfort, validation, or a sense of belonging). Relationships of all kinds become greater when others presence are welcomed, wanted and enjoyed rather than "needed". 

Her book "Quiet" is my next read and I'm excited to dig into it.

For all other introverts and extroverts, keep going on your path to being the best that you can be for your cause. Aim for excellence.


  1. Interesting video / book! Adding to my reading list.
    Haha, "Stop the madness with all the group work!"

    There is only so much time that I can tolerate being around "perky" individuals, it's exhausting, for me at least.

    I absolutely need a certain amount of solitude where I can focus, get things done, or just decompress. Plenty of people mistook this for shyness.

  2. It's good to be understood. At least we now know that it was acceptable the whole time.

    Everyone told me I was a pretentious asshole, when really I just couldn't take that amount of interaction and had to get away.