Monday, May 9, 2011

Stuff you should read: Nutrition

It's pretty well accepted at this point that w/o a solid nutritional foundation we're going to be sick, stupid, and fugly. I'd say that the majority of people know that eating at McDonalds 3x/week is not a good nutritional strategy. But I'm also surrounded by people that are either on their way to becoming more healthy or they already are extremely into nutrition.

This is a collection that comes from some of my best nutritional resources.

And it's great b/c........they're all FREE!

John Berardi

Brian St. Pierre

Jonny Bowden

Stuff to watch

Food Inc. was a great movie and well worth the watch. Safe to say that you'll never look at chicken the same way again.

Stuff to watch for:

Forks Over Knives hasn't been released yet but I'm excited to see it.

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