Thursday, November 18, 2010

5 Recent success/interesting adventures

1. I went dairy free for 2 months.

Yep, no one believed me. I’ve been a huge dairy advocate for years. Many times in my life I’ve consumed over 4 gallons in a week. I often end my days w/ a late night cottage cheese snack, I’m the guy that drank half a gallon of milk every study hall in highschool. So how did this come about and why.

Well mostly cause I’m a complete psycho and seem to be my own regular experiment. I read a few very compelling articles, but Brian St. Pierre’s was my favorite.

Click here for the blog of Brian St. Pierre

I have also become closer and closer to embracing that “treehugger” side of myself that I used to make fun of (live and learn).

How did it go and what’s changed?

It was fine, I didn’t feel any “HUGE” differences but I don’t crave or even slightly desire milk anymore. I’ll eat cottage cheese from time to time mixed w/ certain dishes, but other than that it’s like I never even liked it. Very strange feeling.

2. The vast majority of exercises have become posterior chain dominant.

Actually this is nothing new, we’ve been doing this for a long time. At first I was the experiment and it worked well, then I started w/ my athletes and it’s worked even better. Almost all of our single leg work is off of a box or some type of deadlift instead of free standing like a step up or lunge. From my standpoint it’s been a driving force to their success. This has worked really well. It gives them a depth to hit and keeps the movement more controlled w/o me having to keep them accountable and worrying about spotters.

3. I started drinking pomegranite juice every morning.

This is pretty easy. It’s extremely good for you. Why? B/c in the last year the “acai” berry has gotten a ridiculous reputation for being irreplaceable. In actuality there are a few fruits that would rank higher if there were to be a competition. And in the competition the winner would be the unmistakable pomegranite juice. It’s packed full of good stuff, and is exactly why that Monavie stuff isn’t worth $50/bottle. Yeah it’s good, but so is my $10 bottle of pom.

4. I moved into a new house, and now I were sandals inside.

Yeah my house is awesome and yeah I pretty much don’t wear shoes unless I absolutely have to. I love them but if I had my choice I’d go for sandals or nothing. And b/c I’m not worried about sounding like a wimp my new floors are hard, and apparently my plantar fascia is not used to this. So now I wear sandals inside and roll out my feet about 3x as much. Weird….

5. I’ve increased the amount of external rotation exercises w/ myself and clients.

At least once a week there is some type of exercise whose sole purpose is to work on external rotation.

What have I noticed. Everyone’s shoulders are healthier and look solid as hell. Just in terms of aesthetic appeal….everyone’s shoulders got a little sexier when this all started. Mhm.

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